Gaps and distortion with DAC+ on RasPI A+ with Volumio

Hello everyone,

just got the Raspberry PI A+ together with the Hifiberry DAC+. Directly put Volumio onto the SD Card setup everything including Wifi with the help of a Raspberry PI B+. Put the SD card into the A+, everything is booting. Changed interface to Hifiberry DAC+.
Now, a 24Bit/192Khz file does only give occasional noise busts and silence, a 24Bit/96kHz file gives heavy distortion, flacs with 16bit/44.1kHz play with many gaps in-between.

The raspberry is connected via Wifi (dongle and router are 802.11n) to a NAS were smb shares are used for data delivery to the raspberry.
Settings are left at default. Volume control is switched off.

Any ideas, what can cause the issue? Is the A+ to slow for decoding 24bit/192kHz files and even for play backing 16bit/44.1kHz? I somehow doubt that.

I hope someone has an idea.



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