GPIO usage HifiBerrry Amp+


i've just bought an HifiBerry Amp+ and running it on Raspberry Pi 2.
I will need to connect the Amp+ via a breadboard for a project because I will need to plug several device on the GPIO port.
I want to connect HifiBerry Amp+ and Pimoroni Dot3k LCD screen.

I'm wondering what his mean exactly:
"GPIO2-3 are used by our products for configuration."

Does it mean that once you've installed/configured Amp+ on your raspberry you don't need to connect these GPIO anymore between Amp+ and Raspberry?

In other words: Which GPIO pins do i need to connect between AMP+ and RPI via my Breadboard in order to make it work?
GPIO 2, 3, 18, 21 or only GPIO 18 & 21 ?



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