Pi 2 + Digi+ Yamaha RX-V396 = Data error S D


I recently purchased one Dac and one Digi+. The Dac is working fine but Digi+ no way. I downloaded your test image for testing. The Pi2 starts ok, Optical port and DIGI+ lights come on and and the image test loads ok, I can see the "playing 1khz tone..." message in the screen, all ok but my AV Yamaha RX-V396 receiver shows a Data error message when I try to play sound from the digital ports attached to the raspberry, I tried with RCA and optical digital ports also I tried with Raspberry b+ and Pi2 ones but no way. I think the DIGI+ is ok but It seems my AV receiver doesn´t like the data coming from the Digi+. I saw some Yamaha AV user whit similar issues over there. Do you have some workaround for my issue?.



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