Sample rate problem outputting to /dev/dsp

I have an program that wants to output 44.100 kHz audio to /dev/dsp (OSS). /dev/dsp doesn't normally exist anymore, but an OSS compatibility layer is loaded when I modprobe snd_pcm_oss. Unfortunately, when said program starts to play, I only get garbage out of my speakers, in the kernel log I see:
"[ 867.307365] HifiBerry Digi: ASoC: unmatched rate symmetry: 32000 - 44100"
Also, if I cat an 32000kHz WAV to /dev/dsp, it plays normally, but when I cat an 44100kHz one, it plays quite slow and pitched down.
I know this is probably not an HifiBerry problem, but maybe someone could help me.


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