How do I get my Pi2 to output through the Digi +

I'm new here and really need some help to get my Pi running properly! It's driving me nuts. I don't have any experience of code before purchasing this and I've followed the guides I can find as closely as possible but my Digi + just will not show up as an output source.

I have tried this guide http://www.hifiberry.com/2014/12/guide-use-the-hifiberry-ampamp-with-xbmc-kodi/
Substituting the amp for my digi+ code

And I've tried this https://www.hifiberry.com/guides/configuring-the-sound-card-in-openelec-with-device-tree-overlays/

But both approaches fail to show any other option than HDMI or Analogue as an output.

My set up is Pi2 - Digi+ running Openelec 5.0.5

Please help!!



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