Best/Easiest SD Image to Use

I was wondering if a particular SD image with its download url is resommended for my new RPI2 + AMP+ system?

I put together a RPI-B+ + DAC+ system starting from Raspbian. This system is working for Android (BubbleUpnp) and iOS (Shareplay) clients. It was non-trivial to load all the necessary apps and configure the apps, drivers, and OS to get the emntire system to work. However, in the process I learned allot, e.g., pulse-audio sound server layer is needed to handle the two clients that each must have their respective RPI sw app running to listen for and respond to their clients.

Is Volumio, OpenElec or ?? the easiest SD distribution that has the most apps and OS features installed and pre-configured for a RPI2+AMP+ setup for Android and iOS clients?? Could you post the download website url for that recommended SD image?



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