Digi+ not working?


Today my Hifiberry Digi+ arrived! :) I will use it to connect my AVR on it and play streams with OpenElec on my Raspberry Pi 2 model B. I Think I setup everything correctly (used this tutorial: https://www.hifiberry.com/guides/configuring-the-sound-card-in-openelec-with-device-tree-overlays/) and set in in OpenElec the audio output to the SPDIF from the DIgi+. However, I get no sound at all. I noticed the SPDIF output isn't giving a red light either.

I also tested the Test Tone image (https://www.hifiberry.com/guides/sd-card-images/) and I still get no sound, neither do I see the red light from the SPDIF output. :( I get this warning too: warn alsa can't encode 0-bit unknown or not applicable.

Is there something wrong with the hardware of the Digi+? The green led on the Digi+ is working though..

Can anybody help me?


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