rpi2 and DAC+ distortion


I recently purchased a RPI 2 and a DAC+ to use with openelec 5.04 (fresh install).

Setting up the dac+ was very simple (following the instructions on the site for dtoverlay), but after listening a couple of songs I noticed high tones are distorted. There comes a sort of cracle in the sound.
For example ALT-J's Intro of their first album ; the first piano tones are already distorted.

What I've tested yet:
- installed Volumio instead of Openelec, same problem.
- tested with headphones directly connected to the dac, same problem.
- same rpi, power supply buth other dac (Sabre), same problem

So I think I can exclude the following as possible cause:
- cables
- amp/speakers/headphones
- rpi
- software
- power supply

Anyone had similar experienc with the DAC+?




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