Strange problem with my DAC+

I am having a strange problem with my DAC+. I am using it on a Pi 2. It was working fine, then I rebooted the Pi. After I rebooted, the card is detected OK and has its green light on, but does not produce any sound. I have tried reinstalling the OS (Raspbian) and have also tried OpenELEC but neither work.

Strangely, before the card stopped working I could not get OpenELEC to connect to my wireless network - Kodi crashed. Now it works fine. This is probably a coincidence. I was using Raspbian and the DAC+ worked fine with this.

I am using the official Raspberry Pi power supply. What information do you need to help me debug this further? I have made certain that I have not made a mistake with the settings on my hifi, and it is definitely the hifiberry/Pi that is the problem.




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