AMP+ with Pi+ (and squeezeplug)

Hi guys

I've followed the config advise for the drivers and I got no soundcards found…

I need to go through it all again this evening but I have a few questions

1) I did a LS of my .etc and I found my newly created asound.conf but I also found asound.conf disabled (not sure of the exact file name)... could this disabled file be doing something?
2) Can you please confirm exactly how I update the boot/config please? What exactly should I put in there? I 'think' it should JUST be device_tree= but I'm not sure if that means device_tree_overlay=overlays/hifiberry-amp-overlay.dtb is not needed (again I'm not sure exactly what the wording is right now)
3) I'm using 3.12x would you recommend 3.18x now?

I also had to use my Android phone and the program ES Explorer (samba) to create the new files and amend existing.. I'm not sure if this means the content hasnt been correctly created - so if anyone has the time to quickly list how to amend, create, locate files and folders using SSH commands I'd be really grateful... I think I want to go through it all via Putty to make sure I have everything set up correctly.



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