RPI2 + Digi + LCD HD44780

Hey Everyone,

I'm building a HTPC with the Raspberry Pi. I managed to get the RPI b+ with an LCD hd44780 and the Hifiberry Digi work together. Now i try to update to RPI2. So the Hifiberry Digi is working like charme but I'm struggling with the LCD. I read about the RPI2 working with the Device Tree system.

I read it here :


Oki so i just add the new driver HD44780.so to the System but when i activate the LCD with :

LCDd -c /storage/.config/LCDd.conf -d HD44780 -s true

The Hifiberry digi immediately stop playing.

Maybe some of you have some ideas.

here are some picture from my project still in building process:


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