Two HifiBerries


I thought I would share my two HifiBerry DACs installations. They work really well with Squeezelite and Jivelite (I'm a long term Squeezebox user).

Number 1 is a Raspberry PI model B with a HifiBerry DAC and TinyLCD screen controlled by either a powermate spin controller or via a remote control. Here are some pictures


HifiBerry DAC+ModelB Raspberry Pi + TinyLCD + Griffin Powermate

HifiBerry DAC, Model B Raspberry PI,  TinyLCD and Griffin Powermate

As you can see the case is crudely made from an old fruit box. HifiBerry DAC and TinyLCD get power from the Raspberry PI so only one power supply is required.

Number 2 is Raspberry PI model B+ with HifiBerry DAC+, Model B+. Uses IR receiver and LIRC to receive signals from a remote control. Any Tablet or PC can VNC onto the Raspberry PI and act as a headless display, showing jivelite's menus.

DAC+, ModelB+

Raspberry PI Model B+, HifiBerry DAC+

Case is an old box from Muji that was going to be thrown out. A very tight fit: I used a low profile SD card and only hacked holes for the sockets I wanted to use. Thanks to LIRC, i can use an existing remote.

Thank you for creating the DAC and DAC+ they work really well.



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