Hifiberry DAC versus Digi+dagmagic (cambridge audio)

Dear all,

May I kindly ask for your advice about the following:

In my current situation I am streaming music from Spotify to my AppleTV2 using Airplay, which is connected to my dacmagic (Cambridge Audio) by an optical link. The Dacmagic is then connected to my Cambridge Audio 850A amplifier by rca cables. Music on my Monitor Audio speakers sounds great but...

I have noticed that my dacmagic only receives 48 Khz audio stream (16bit) because the ATV2 converts it to this format whatever the original music file format is. Since I would love to be able to stream 24bit/192 khz (or in future 32bit/348khz) music, I have done some reading on the internet.

Long story short, I was thinking of trying a RPiB+ with a DAC (RCA output) and then connect to my amplifier or a RPiB+ with a Digi (Coaxial/optical output) and then connect to my dacmagic. And to connect the RPiB+ to my network by ethernet and then use Volumio to use my music library on my NAS Synology.
My goal is to get the best audio quality into my amplifier (only rca in) without going to an expensive commercial solution (like SONOS or Bluesound).

I have two questions: what would you advice me based on the mentioned above? Could a RPiB+ DAC solution come even close to a commercial solution in regards of high audio quality streaming?

Any feedback would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks, Victor

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