24 bit files

I installed and configured my HifiBerry analog + with Volumio on Raspberry pi b+.
CD Quality FLAC 16bit are working fine but I tried to listen to "Studio Master (192) FLAC 24bit" and "Studio Master FLAC 24bit" songs versions from here:
or directly here http://www.linn.co.uk/christmas (till begin of january 2015) by creating an account you can download 4 versions (Studio Master FLAC 24bit, Studio Master (192) FLAC 24bit, CD Quality FLAC 16bit and MP3 MP3 320k) of the same song (there should be 25 songs in total), and :
1/ there is no sound
2/ the raspberry is getting in error = nothing works anymore :(
3/ on the terminal, there are errors such as
I/O error -110 mmcblk0 ...
4/ I got lots of difficulties to halt the raspberry pi, it takes 10 mins.
5/ if I reboot my Raspberry pi, I got the same "mmcblk0" errors
6/ on another forum (https://www.maikel.pro/blog/this-might-just-fix-your-corrupt-sd-card-of-your-raspberry-pi/)
I followed the Win7 instructions and I could re launch fine the raspberry pi,but

a/ still I don't understand why playing Studio Master FLAC 24bit or Studio Master (192) FLAC 24bit crashes Volumio/Raspberry pi, I thought that HifiBerry DAC supported 24 bits songs
b/ why it corrupts also the filesystem

thank you for your feedback



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