Always on PCM signal

Hi there,

I am loving HiFi Berry as part of my streaming set up. It would be perfect if it would output an always on PCM signal to my DAC. At the moment, as each track finished the PCM signal is dropped and then a new track comes a new PCM stream is started for the DAC to lock onto. My issue is that the DAC takes a moment to lock on and the beginning of each track is lost.

Is there a way to get HifiBerry DAC broadcasting a continuous PCM stream on which tracks are layered?

The set up is as follows:

Music - Mostly Apple Lossless rips of CDs, plus a few mp3s.

Server - QNAP TS109ii network attached storage running Twonky Version: 7.2.8 uPnP

Rendering - Raspberry Pi (B) with Hifiberry Digi running Volumio Beta 1.4

Control - Android phone running BubblePnP app

DAC/HiFi - Digital coaxial from Pi to Meridian 561 DAC and then to active speakers


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