PiB+ and DAC+ ; Crashing -> PSU to weak?

Hi everyone,

I just received your DAC+ and build a new Pi B+, Edimax Wifi and the DAC+ with PiMusicbox.

Pi B+ and Wifi are running well with PiMusicbox and they are very stable. However, when I´m trying to play a file via Spotify, the Wifi crashes instantly and there is no sound of course.
Blue LED of the Wifi stops flashing, no LED on the DAC and the System seems to Crash instantly.
So far, I´m not a Linux guy, but it seems like that might rather be a problem of power consumption.
I´m using a 5V 2A USB PSU.
Is it possible to give a hint or some recommends for a stronger quality PSU, possibly one use for your testing?



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