OS Support for Digi+

Hi Daniel

My digi+ is working like a charm. My neighbours can confirm this, too ;)
Thank you very much for this great piece of hardware.

Anyway I tried and failed running it with raspbian of the NOOBS on the SD card that shipped with my pi. Although I did update all packages and the kernel/firmware it did not work with the digi+. I once got the toslink to light up but it wouldn't play anything. Any idea why?

The current build of rune audio (0.3-beta) -- which is based on arch linux -- does also not play nice with the digi+ out of the box. I guess it could be for the same reasons as with the NOOBS. Eventually I will post to the rune audio forums and try to resolve this because the OS looks quit interesting.

I also tried raspian, volumio and your test image. They all work very well. I'd also recommend to try the hifiberry test image first. It should work out of the box and play a sine right after booting into the OS.

My new hobby is to discover other OS distributions for the raspberry pi and try them with my setup. I'll keep you updated if you're interested.

Have a nice day

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