Phone jack version clarification


I am planning on using my Raspberry Pi model B as a media player in my car. I do have a 3.5 AUX input which I can use to connect MP3 players etc. I cannot use the Raspberry's own 3.5 analogue output as it just sounds awful (lot of interference and crackling) hence I have come across the hifiberry. I am looking at the Phone jack version and just wanted to clarify the following statement in the description:

"This is still a line-output and not designed to drive headphones. For the use with headphones you need an additional headphone amplifier."

I assume as I am planning to use the AUX input of my car stereo this should be ok (assuming the car stereo amp will kick in). Actually is there any difference in this regards between the phone jack and RCA version? I am just trying to determine which is the best option for me.



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