TOSLINK working but no RCA(COAX)

Hi Daniel,

TL;DR: My TOSLINK(optical) output works but my RCA doesn't any idea why?

I've had my hifiberry digi wokring without issue for about 6 months now, and I made a guide a while back on how to setup this little fellow in Volumio 1.2b. So I would say I know a fair share about setting up this board properly and configuring Volumio. Since I built a case for the thing I used switched RPi-board in the progress and moved the Hifiberry Digi to a new board, with the same setup as before (Volumio 1.2b), but no sound is coming from the RCA-jack yet the optical works no problem. I have same result in Volumio 1.4.
Any idea what might have caused this?

My thought are:
Bad soddering?
Half fryed component?

The PSU i'm using is 5V 3,2A so there should be enough juice?!
Thanks in advance! :)


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