RPi B+ and DIGI+ running raspbmc


First I want to thank you for a cool product!

I have been struggling with my setup for a week or so.
Im running raspbmc and followed the instructions to update kernel and RASPBMC configuration. I am able to get the sound working and sounds great on my external dac and passive ELAC AM180.

Now in XBMC i've got the problem of not being able to install any xbmc-addons after updating the linux kernel. I've searched the net and tried almost all suggested solutions. I guess the problem is something about the curl module. I'm reinstalling once more the I'll post the XBMC log. I know im connected to the internet cause i can ping www.google.com.

When i use the default raspbmc image I can install add-ons and do youtube streaming, but only with audio from the onboard analog jack...:(

The only way i have been able to get sound using DIGI+ is to update kernel..and then i cant use XBMC addons.

Do you guys know if raspbmc kernel drivers are gonna include DIGI+ in the future?

Best regards
Nels Rohde


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