Images for Digi+

Here are two images with required changes for Digi+.
Both images were created from 8 MB SD cards. I don't
guarantee that these images will work on cards with
different sizes. Some people reported that even cards
with the same size but different make can have issues.

Raspbmc image has also changes required to make IR
remote control working on GPIO pin #22. To make your
particular remote control working you have to replace
file /etc/lirc/lircd.conf by your own file for your remote

Each image has file to test audio output through Digi+:
It plays 500Hz sine wave during 3 seconds.

Raspbmc image - Digi+Raspbmc.zip (392MB):

Files which were manually modified or added:
renamed all DAC and DAC+ modules
To play testing file go to Music/Files

Volumio 1.41 image - Digi+Volumio1.41PI.zip (497MB)

To play testing file on Volumio go through these menus:

You have to download ZIP file, extract .img file and
using that file create image on your SD card. In case you
need instructions for creating a disk image on SD card
here is the link for tutorial. Start from step #3:

Both images work fine in my environment:
Raspberry Pi B+
Ethernet cable connected (I never tried Wi-Fi)
IR sensor connected to GPIO pin #22, 3.3V and GND through Digi+

I give these images away just to save time for people who
are not so familiar with Linux. Installing these images you
do it at your own risk. I don't take any responsibility for any
damages which these images can potentially cause.

I hope the links to images will be alive for one month.


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