Best audio quality with OpenELEC


I am running my Pi with XBMC from OpenELEC. The Pi outputs audio via a DIGI+ board over optical SPDIF to my DAC and I wonder how important a couple of tips you find on the net are in order to achieve best audio performance:

- First of all, is XBMC with the setting "Best Match" a good choice to get best audio quality or should I switch to Volumino, but then what is the limiting technical bit for XBMC to deliver audiophile audio quality?

- I read that hooking up the Pi via Wifi is highly recommended to get an even better audio experience. Is this also true for my setup? I mean I have an optical connection to my DAC, so I do not really understand the benefit of replacing a network cable with a Wifi connection, but then I am not familiar with the technical details...

- I understood that a dedicated power supply which has been tested with the Pi is also highly recommended. Does someone has experience with the power-supplies from http://www.pi-shop.ch/ ?

Many thanks in advance for your feedback!

Best regards,


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