Problems playing Internet streams


What a wonderful combination Hifiberry digi and Raspbmc is. However I have now run into a problem that is a show stopper for my project. I am trying to play the high quality AAC BBC Radio streams.

Hifiberry Digi is driving an Arcam iRDAC.

Everything is fine when the signal source is a local file (MP3 or AAC) or UPnP (PC with MediaMonkey and mp3 media) the Digi output sounds great and pi's HDMI is silent.

When the source is an internet radio stream (AAC or WMA), opened either from the radio add-on or from an address in a local pls file, XBMC sends audio down the pi's HDMI route (which ultimately ends up back on the same iRDAC and plays) and there is silence on both the optical and coax outputs of the Digi.

There must be something subtle about the way audio output switching works. Perhaps this is an issue with all external sound cards, should I be posting to XBMC?

Has anyone any suggestions please?

Many thanks



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