Hi-res Playback problem

I'm using a HiFiBerry DAC in a UPnP renderer and have a problem with hi-res playback.

My RPi is running the current version of Raspbian and the UPnP renderer function is with gmrender-resurrect, configured as per this blog;

I use BubbleUPnP as the controller, on my Android devices.

Without the HiFiBerry DAC installed I can playback 16bit 44KHz, 24bit 96KHz and, though not without some noise, 24bit 192KHz music files (i.e. through the RPi audio output.

With the HiFiBerry DAC installed, and configured as per the instructions, I can playback 16bit 44KHz music files but anything higher resolution, while successfully added to the playlist, will not playback.

All music files are FLAC format.

Any ideas?



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