Adafruit Kernel 3.15.

Hi Daniel,
Hi Supporters,

first let me say: Awesome product. Soundoutput is now very fine with this hifiberry dac.

After installing the hifiberry with rpi_update, i thought: ok, now add an tft to that setup.
So I got the adafruit 2.8" Touchscreen panel. That came with an 3.10 Kernel.
After installing the adafruit kernel 3.10 the hifiberry wasn't recognized any more.

Ok, I thougt, wenn then I need a new(ish) Kernel.
I've got the adafruit 3.15.3 Kernel:
Linux timpi 3.15.3+ #12 PREEMPT Thu Jul 3 14:35:03 SGT 2014 armv6l GNU/Linux
(This is the fork).
But hifiberry still not recognized.
I think that the specific module for the hifiberry
a) isn't included in that Kernel 3.15.3 https://github.com/adafruit/adafruit-rpi-fbtft/
( I've no clue where to look in that link)
b) it's just a make menuconfig parameter for the hifiberry, that isn't enabled

So my question:
What do I have to enable in menuconfig/add to the filestructure of the kernel sources to get the hifiberry detected by 3.15.3 kernel?

Kind Regards


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