HifiBerry OpenELEC problm & noise on output


1st thank's for really quick delivery. Now I have something to play with over the holidays:) - and I already face two problems.
My first motivation to buy hifi DAC was to improve sound and noise coming from my RPI. To eliminate this problem I first changed power supply - but the problem stayed so I ordered hifiDAC :)

"1.: I've soldered and all is ok (SW moudules not enabled yet - see prblm #2) - and then I've connected my Stereo to HifiDAC and there was same noise / brum in my loudspeakers. A bit lower than direct audio out from RPI, but still. (RPI powered on and HiFiDAC connected)

Any idea?

#2.: When I try to load modules (from manuals on page:
http://www.hifiberry.com/products/dac/hifiberry-dac-software/ )
Nano open modules file as read only (sido nano modules gives : sudo: not found). Since I am not a linux expert some help is needed there as I've found out that OpenELEC mounts system as read only....
(found this hope it helps:
https://sites.google.com/site/andreierdei/openelec-addons/squashfs-howto )


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