piCorePlayer and WiPi dongle

Hi Folks,

There's a new piCorePlayer update 1.14 that now supports the WiPi dongle.

Just a recap for people like me.

1. Download image and install onto SD card.
2. Turn on raspberry pi with wipi dongle and cable ethernet. My interface is
3. Go to wifi settings tab.
4. Click scan button. Copy and paste wifi address.
mine looked like this:
Available WIFI networks:
1 : "BrightBox-******" (secure) (Signal strength: 64%)
2 : "TALKTALK-******" (secure) (Signal strength: 41%)
The stars are six 16 base numbers and/or letters.
5. Put your password into box. Click submit and save will connect to this wifi button.
6. Go back to main page and click "restart" button. Unconnect the wired ethernet cable and blue flashing and success should occur.
7. Slight downside is the boot process takes a while on my machine.
8. New interface (can be found on player settings in squeezelite)


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