"First Steps" for Digi, and installation image on both *product* pages


I would like to suggest that you create a "First Steps" for the Digi similar to the one for your DAC.

Secondly, you should make it more clear for both products, on their *product* pages, rather than the "First Steps" page, exactly how these are used. The reason for this is that a new visitor might not think to look under the Digi or DAC menu, and click on "First Steps". Yes, there's important info there for someone just visiting for the first time.

Speaking for myself, I came to the page for the Digi, and saw a green board with the desired components sticking out of it. "Is that a Raspberry Pi? How do I get these new connectors on there? What's this about soldering? This sounds like a pain, forget it." What both of these pages need is this picture:


"Oh, it's a new smaller board, and you use those pin slots on the Pi". You seem to be presenting this for a Pi user who already has it all figured out. But some of us are more casual and/or newcomers to the Pi, and are none the less interested in good sound.

I work for a web startup. I can tell you that a lot of thought is put into what it takes to get visitors to not leave the page! You could be missing out on a lot of sales. Something to keep in mind.



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