Hifiberry Digi doesn't work


I received my Hifiberry Digi yesterday. I tried it many ways but I didn't get it running. First I looked in the Digi FAQs and saw a user with problems soldering the P5 socket. I checked my socket, but all pins have well contact on both, Pi and Digi. I changed the power supply to a regulated one which can deliver 3 amps, nothing changed. I use the actual "Klang & Ton" Image for the DAC. It should also work with the Digi according to the K&T Forum. To be sure I also tried your 1kHz Testimage but it also doesn't work. At the end I tried the Raspberry Pi alone via USB and it worked as before, means the Pi is all right. The inputs of my DAC should work also proper, because I use Toslik and Coax every day with my TV and SAT receiver.

Can I test anything else, or should I send the Digi back?

Best regards


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