HiFiBerry Digit & irDAC Arcam DAC


I connected the DAC irDAC of Arcam to the HiFiBerry Digi with a coaxcial cable.
This works very good... high quality sound...
But I have a problem with this DAC.. When I play an album, each time I pause/resume or change of track manualy, I hear clicking sound like a automatic switch in the DAC.
When I let the album to play until the end there is not this clicking sound when it changes to a next track.
(Same problem with optical link)

It seems that when the DAC detects no signal (or power down on the line?) it command a switch that we hear (perhaps to disconnect the analog output (?))

Perhaps Hifiberry Digit ou RI power down the numerical output (coax & opt) in these case (pause/manually changes of track) and it is detected by the DAC..(?)

Do you know if it is possible to configure something in RPI to avoid this problem.
Any Idea?




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