a few digi questions - P1 P5 etc

Hi all,
Newbie here, I still do not have the digi as I want to find out a few things before I buy it-
First of all, as I understand, the digi connects to the P1 and P5 but does not use all the gpios. Can someone tell me which gpios are left for me to use?
I am planning to use this as a Car Headunit, so need a few gpios (for infra red remote, power shut down, remote 12v relay etc).
Another question I have - I want to use this to get a DTS signal - it is not clear from the FAQ wheather this is feasable or not? could I run it with raspbmc? is this OS supported or not? and what ramifications are there if it is not supported but still working?
And last question - when outputting surround sound via hdmi, it is not possible to use the analog out for the video signal.
If I use the digi instead- outputting DTS over SPDIF- will there be a video signal over the analog video out?
Thanks for all who got this far :)


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