Hifiberry Digi

Hello all!

First congratulations on launching the preorders for the Digi :)

I'm pre-ordering mine today but of course it comes with a lot of questions:
- What's the increased height compared to a berbone Raspberry B ? (height above the 2 USB connectors & LAN port). Basically I need to find a hackable pi case that will fit the 2 connectors with a little driling.
- I hear it works well with RaspFy, what about Raspbmc ? I would love to turn a regular Raspbmc into an almost-fy by tinkering with it :)
- About the clock : have you thought about using one of those high-end TCXO clock instead of a regular quartz ? If yes, then why did it not end up in the final product ?
- Do you have an estimated shipping ? (couldn't find any :) )

Thanks for your product!




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