HifiBerry DAC or Digi - please suggest

I intend to get either the HifiBerry DAC or Digi. At the momment I am running a Raspberry Debian wheezey as a UPnP Media Renderer using gmrender-resurrect (see http://blog.scphillips.com/2013/07/playing-music-on-a-raspberry-pi-using-upnp-and-dlna-revisited/). I only intend using the device to stream flacs from my NAS.

Works great except the sound from the Raspberry is awful and I have no way of using the HDMI cable with my amplifier. The amplifier is (putting it mildly) not particularly high-end. It's an Andersson R1 (a pretty cheap surround amplifier I picked up - digital sampling frequeny up to 96 kHz/24-Bit, input sensitivity/impedance 22mV/47kOhms, signal-to-noise ratio 95dB). So ... my question is, am I going to get a better sound using the digital conversion of the BerryDAC and connecting via analogue RCA jacks or sending a coaxial from the BerryDigi into the cheap DAC of the amplifier? If this is not the sort of question you can answer please let me know as well. Even if you just have a suggestion I would greatly appreciate it.



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