Why RaspberryPi WiFi Digital Audio Server ???

So I am wondering why there is so much activity in products and posting for making a Raspberry Pi wifi digital audio server? Don't read me wrong the technical challenge and coolness of the project is awesome.

Looking into an alternative method people have been using a Chromcast wifi dongle plugged into a HDMI DAC. Here are some urls for followup [http://forums.androidcentral.com/google-chromecast/301973-can-i-hook-chromecast-my-stereo-adapter.html] and HDMI DAC's like at [http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008LOIKX6?tag=androidcentral00-20].

Now it seems to me allot easier to go with the Chromcast/DAC solution and cheaper. Yes there is one advantage with the RaspberryPi wifi router with DLNA renderer sw solution in that with it you do not need a wifi router in place. Therefore in a car or small boat stereo application the RPi route make more sense. Or if you want to showup at a party and plug into an hifi amp and let everyone cast songs via their smart phones without asking or giving out WiFi SSIDs and WPA2 passwords.

But the Chromecast/DAC is cheaper, easier and bullet proof, ie no worries of improper shutdowns corrupting SD cards.

Please give me constructive feedback as to why a Chromcast+HDMI/DAC or Roku3+HDMI/DAC is not as good as the RaspberryPi method to cast your digital content from mp3/4's you have or via streaming from the internet to stereo analog into your analog amplifier hifi?


P.S. If anyone knows how to cast Pandora streams from an Android phone to a DLNA renderer let me know??


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