piCore Player up and running

I setup my Hifiberry DAC with to a new model B last night.
First I tried Raspian, but then realized I didn't have a good way to connect most of my sources, ie: iphone, cd player, etc.

But, I do have a QNAP server with LMS running and a huge FLAC library.
So, I found an older SD card with less space, loaded the piCore player image and connected an ethernet cable to the Pi.
At first, Squeezelite couldn't find the server because I manually typed in the ip address and port. When I cleared that field and let it find it automatically, bingo! I was it was working.

I set it up next to my Squeezbox Touch, both which are hardwired to the network and feed my 6SN7 tube preamp and switched back and forth to compare the sound. I liked the HiFiBerry just a little more. I noticed a little more separation between instruments, so the definition is superb. The soundstage was similar, but the space the hifiberry created gave individual instruments more impact.

I tested it with some Miles Davis Quintet recordings, Bela Fleck's Cosmic Hippo, some live Phish that is FLAC and some sample high resolution files from HDTracks.

Great product. I will build a box for it now and then order a few more.

I especially like that the piCore loads into memory, so you don't have to worry about pulling the power for the Pi without a shutdown command.

Thanks and Enjoy!


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