Hifiberry Dac Tested, need improvement

Hi, Hifiberry project, i like your Dac and i've buyed one, 3 day ago.
I've decided to buy it because my usb soundcard (creative xmod wireless) reproduce some audio glitches, but the sound of it is wonderful.

Unfortunately, after test of hifiberry with MusicboxPI, i dont like the sound of it, i prefer my old creative.
Ok, is a my personal opinion, and i write here to be helped for adjust this issue.

I've tried some improvement in hifiberry:
- I've changed the output filter with the jumper "iir" "fir" mode of pcm5102
- I've activated the De-emphasis control in pin 10 of pcm5102
- Tried to activate a downsample 44.1 khz option in MusicboxPI (probably dont working)
- Eliminated the pass bass filter in the out.

But nothing, i dont hear any changes.

My suspect is a wrong setting of musicboxPI to hifiberry.
What operating frequency is used by MusicboxPI to Hifiberry Dac? It is variable or fixed?
There is a way to FIX and lock the sampling frequency of DAC at 44.1 Khz?

The DAC of Creative is similar of pcm5102, it is a 20 pin Wolfson WM8728, and i'm thinking to replace WM8728 to pcm5102. But this is too possible?
WM8728 is an I2s Dac.

Please help me i like this project!!
Best regards Guys


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