HifiBerryOS + server + phone app?


Sorry for the newbie question.

I'm thinking about buying a DAC2 HD with DSP, and therefore will need to use hifiberryOS. What I'm confused about is how to control it remotely, ideally with a phone app. For example, family members would use a dedicated phone to control the music, i.e. spotify, internet radio and stored music on NAS. (I'm thinking once the DSP is set up, it wouldn't need to be frequently accessed, and I'd do this via webgui).

I understand that I can access hifiberryOS via a dedicated phone app such as if I'm using Spotify. Though is it possible to use a more general phone app. (In case I stop using spotify).

I have a linux/debian home-server, which acts as NAS for my flac music collection. But I also could install music server software. What I'm not clear about is what kind of music server software, and how that could be controlled by the phone, which also accesses/controls the hifiberryOS/dac.

I hope this query makes sense!

Thanks for any advice.

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