Volume sliders not responding to mouse clicks

Setip: RasPi4 with an Amp 2, a USB stick with some mp3 files, and the USB transceiver for a logitech keyboard and mouse. Latest HifiberryOS (the pi4 version) on a 16gb SanDisk ultra micro ssd. Hdmi output is connected to a monitor, audio output to a pair of speakers. I'm not using any mobile apps or streaming, just local music files and the OS's UI. Problem: HifiberryOS installed and configured okay and detected the mp3 files, and the user interface works well -- except that the volume slider at the bottom-right corner of the screen doesn't respond to mouse clicks, and neither does the adjacent mute/unmute buttons. Audio plays as expected, but at full volume only. Question: what do I have to do to allow me to adjust the playback volume? Thanks


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