Hifiberry AMP100 + DSP add-on Board + Rpi 3B V1.2

Hello everybody!
First of all, thanks for the great parts you produce!
I'm sure the question is already on a lot of people's minds...but even though I've honestly read through everything, it's still not really clear to me whether the Rpi 3B + AMP100 + DSP add-on fit into the 'Hifiberry' cases or just the Rpi + AMP100.
Its pretty confusing since i couldnt find anywhere a statement like: Yes the Rpi3B (or4) + AMP100 + DSP add-on fits in a case. I would be grateful for clarity!

Second question i have...would you recommend to purchase the Rpi 4 for that setup and use the 3B for sth else because of the due to the slower processor?

Last one: I am planning to operate my two A.R.E.S. L10 Tech with that setup.
If I've understood everything correctly, that should fit pretty well, right?

Many thanks and best wishes from Berlin!

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