2024 HifiberryOS release? Or alternative recommendation?

Hi there,

I'm having trouble with an error from `shairport-sync` on my Pi devices running HifiberryOS.



Shairport-sync has had a few releases since the last HifiberryOS release, and I'm wondering if my issue is caused by a now-fixed shairport-sync bug. I'd like to try updating shairport-sync to get see if I can resolve the issue.

I'm wondering:

* will there be a HifiberryOS release soon that bumps the `shairport-sync` version?

* is there a way to update `shairport-sync` in place on HifiberryOS?

* Should I try something other than HifiberryOS? Can I start from Raspberry Pi OS and use the package manager to install what I need? If so, what packages would that be?


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