Hello from Spain.
Since 2021 I have had a hifiberry dac2, I attach a screenshot of the board. I have a raspberry pi4 from 2018. When the hifiberry arrived I configured it with libreelec 9.2 Leia and everything was ok, to say that I use the RCA output to my amplifier and the sound is very good.

Well, I recently formatted my libreelec SD to install the new version 11.0.6 Nexus. Everything went very well during the installation but after choosing the hifiberry sound card which is detected by the system, no sound comes out of the RCA output. I have tried the different configurations that come on your website for libreelec and nothing seems to work, the thing is that the hifiberry card does turn on the LED correctly when sound is required, but nothing sounds. All the dtoverlays that come on your website (https://www.hifiberry.com/docs/software/libreelec-installation-and-configuration/) have been tested in the config.txt file

Please can you help me, I'm desperate. I am attaching screenshots of everything to help.
Thanks in advance


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