Audio Stream for Kids

Hi All,
I'm pretty new in the Audio/RPI world. No experience in electronic and just reading few articles  on the internet about it. 
My idea/need is to provide to my Kid a lowcost  audio streamer to access his Deezer service without any smartphone or "desktop" OS. ( he's only 8 years...) 
Looking deep  I found some ideas in the amazing DIY Audio Community. 
First consideration is that HifiBerryOS doesn't looks supporting Deezer ... So my alternative would be to use PiCorePlayer...
If I understood well what I read. my hardware need will be
PI 4 + Hifiberry DAC2 Pro + touchscreen PI 7' + any loudspeakers that I already have. network with Ethernet LAN and powered trough RPI Power. 
That's looks me very "simple" Do I missed something ? 





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