Pi 5 compatibility question for all cards

Hi, we have a software image with our software, that supports all the different HifiBerry cards. Users can select which card they have, and our software then updates the dtoverlay= setting in /boot/config.txt (now /boot/firmware/config.txt) and reboots.

This works fine on a Pi 3 or 4, but not on a Pi 5. I managed to get my own card (HifiBerry DAC+ADC, NOT Pro) to work by adding ",slave" after it, as described here: https://www.hifiberry.com/blog/dac-pro-dac2-pro-dac-adc-pro-on-pi5/ . That blog post says that this is needed for Pro cards specifically, but mine is not a Pro card. Without the ,slave the card isn't detected (error -22 on startup).

Since I don't have all the diffrent cards, I cannot test which of the cards would need a ",slave" and which wouldn't. I can add a check if we're running on a Pi 5 and then always add it, but I don't know if that breaks the behavior for other cards.

So I would like to know how to handle this, until the new drivers are available.


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