Amp100 experiences

Dear Hifiberry,

I just replaced my Sony class AB amplifier by a build of an Amp100 w/ DSP addon, Raspberry Pi 4 and a Tracopower TXL060-124. Although the AC/DC is rated 60W only, I can push the volume much more than needed on a set of Nubert speakers of impedance 4 ohms.

While I used a plain Arch Linux install w/ rpi-kernel at the beginning, a friend pointed out that HBOS might be a better option. So I installed the most recent alpha and I'm quite impressed by its good looks, its intuitive user interface and its ease of use.

Also I am very happy with the quality of sound in general and the easy to use DSP addon, which I utilize to mimic the analogue pre-amp sold separately by the maker of my speakers.

One question, though: When there is no sound playback, both speakers emit very low volume white noise. While it is barely noticable, I wonder what its origin might be. It also is independent of volume setting and enabled sources. 



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