Beocreate Remotes [Android App & Yatse Plugin]


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There is two remotes to handle volume & mute control on Beocreate trough sigmatcp.

------------------------------------------------ Yatse Plugin ------------------------------------------------

There is plugin for Yatse ( Kodi remote ) that will allow you to control volume & mute of the Beocreate trough SigmaTcp Server .

There is a small bug for now between the plugin & Yatse, be sure to disable Volume dialog in advanced setting.


------------------------------------------------ Android App ------------------------------------------------ 

I created a small Remote Controller App for my personal use (and learning) , and I'm sharing it so it could be helpful for someone else.

It relies on :

The Apk is available here :


It has been tested only on my Google Pixel 4a.

Don't hesitate to add suggestions or comments, if the app is used, maybe I will improve it.

Thanks for your attention. :-)


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