Stuggling Beginner Needs Direction

If someone has a free minute, kindly ask if you could tell me what I need to buy for my use case.  I want to be able to direct wire my router to some "black box" that receives the stream of music from Tidal, then transfers to my  DAC.  I want to buy whatever I need to complete the "black box."  Black box meaning I have no clue.

Router --- >  BLACK BOX -->  DAC

I am having a very difficult time understanding all the different devices and applications to create what I call now as the black box.  The items I do have already are:

Raspberry Pi4B 
Functioning Router with Cat6 wire ready to go
Function DAC ready to go
Tidal subscription

I hope this makes sense.  I have spent 14 days trying all sorts of things  have read on the internet and I am no further along.  Now today I have discovered "Hifi Berry" which seems to be a more direct approach too have a streamer.

Any help is great appreciated.  Thank you sincerely,  Rob



I have a Raspberry Pi4B.  I also have my own DAC (RME-ADI2 FS).

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