Initial Setup Problem with Pi 3 B+ and AMP2


I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ in conjunction with an AMP2. After installing the AMP2 on the Pi, I connected a HDMI cable between the Pi and my monitor (also a USB dongle for a wireless keyboard), I went through the HiFiBerry OS setup process.  The only thing I really changed was the name during set up - I think by default it was something like 'HiFiBerry' and I changed it to 'Living Room - HiFiBerry' since I plan to have a couple of these throughout the house. After rebooting, the Pi/AMP2 is on my network (, and I used another PC in the house to try to connect to it remotely using 'http://HiFiBerry.local'.  It timed out, so I tried just putting in my web browser and that doesn't work either. I tried to SSH to it, and it does indeed prompt me for credentials, so I know that it is on the network, but I must not have the correct default ssh login info (I can worry about that later)

Can you connect to the IP of Pi/AMP2, or do you need to use 'http://HiFiBerry.local'? I read something somewhere that if you change the name during setup, you need to do 'http://Living Room - HiFiBerry.local' (or something similar, but that didn't work either).

Also, are there any software updates that need or can be applied to the actual Pi itself from HiFiBerry OS?

Thanks in advance!


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