what do I need for room correction?

Dear profesionals,

I am quite new to the topic of audio gear. So i find it dificult to navigate through all these words.

I have two Adam T7v with a T10s wich sounds great, but not as good as it could. (active near feld monitore + sub)

At the moment I have a klinke to XLR Spliter cabel which comes direktly out of our TV 3,5 klinke. I throuly tested the system with different audio sources and could not hear a differenze to a HQ CD player with XLR output. So I gues the DAC of our TV is quit OK.
I can not do much with acustic panels to improve the acustics, due to the wife aceptance faktor, so I want to do at least room correction.

So my plan is to intercept the audio signal and do room correction.

For input the TV can deliver klinke, chinch and toslink. For output I would prefere Klinke 3,5 because I have the cabel already, but everything which could convert to XLR would be possible.

A bonus would be If we could use spotify without the TV.

Is there a HIFIBerry which could do that? Is there a guide.

best regards




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