Partition sizes + just getting started

I'm trying to get set up for the first time! Here's where I'm at so far: • The bundled USB SD card reader didn't work. It didn't show up in dmesg or lsblk on my computer. • Using another SD card reader, I did `sudo dd if=hifiberryos-20230404-pi4.img of=/dev/sdb;sync` (after checking that sdb was the right device. • Then I can mount /dev/sdb1 and and /dev/sdb2 on the computer. But the file system is small and runs out of space when I try to copy things into /library/music. I also tried editing /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf and put in a network={ ssid="I wrote my essid name here" psk="I wrote the password in here too" } (I had already tried without doing that, but it doesn't show up in hifiberry.local, the ethernet version doesn't show up on `arp`, and the hifiberry setup temp wifi didn't show up either.) On the raspberry pi, and I've never had one before this one, there is a green and a yellow light next to the ethernet cable, and a red light on the opposite side from that. I don't know if that's great or good, or just normal. This is with the DAC2 HD and the Steel case white and the Pi 4B.


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