HifiberryOS Installation on Raspberry Pi 3a+ not possible

I used the following instructions (and used Etcher in the latest version on my PC): https://www.hifiberry.com/docs/hifiberryos/setup-hifiberryos/
A connected screen remained black the entire time during the "installation routine".
Since the Pi 3a+ does not have Ethernet, after a few minutes I wanted to use the following instruction for the WIFI configuration: https://www.hifiberry.com/docs/hifiberryos/hifiberryos-configure-wifi/ But a “HiFiBerry_Setup_xxxxxx” network is not be shown.
After ejecting the SD from the Pi and looking at it again on my PC, I found that it was unchanged and contained the same files as after burning the image.

I have now tried 3 different SD cards, always with the same negative result. Instead of Etcher, I alternatively burned the image with the original Raspery Pi Imager, again with the same negative result.

However, I was able to successfully install various other images (e.g. Volumio) on the Pi 3a+, and the installation steps were also displayed on the connected display.

Does anyone else have a creative idea as to what I might be doing wrong? Or maybe the file "hifiberryos-pi3.zip" (download yesterday) contains a defective image?

Thank you in advance


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